KEMIWATT, the first industrial Flow Battery with recyclable and organic molecules joins FETSA Supplier Partnership.

The Federation of European Tank Storage Associations (FETSA) represents the bulk liquid storage sector in Europe. Bulk liquid and liquified gas terminals are present in ports, airports, logistic platforms and along rivers, canals and pipelines. In total FETSA represents over 140 companies operating approximately 700 terminals across Europe.

The transition from fossil fuel imposed by the Energy Transition frees up some tank storage capacities. With an energy mix shifting to variable renewable electricity, storing MWh of electricity as a liquid is a real opportunity for the tank storage sector. The land, the tanks and the operation crews can be redeployed into a lucrative new business opportunity. It is a win-win Energy Transition pathway to electricity fuel while decarbonizing existing operations.

KEMIWATT invented a unique water based organic Flow Battery for large stationary long duration electrical storage that is safe, non-flammable, recyclable and that doesn’t rely on any critical material. The liquid tank storage companies can address and stack multiple applications with KEMIWATT solutions such as Self Consumption, Shore-to-ship power, Arbitrage and ENR integration.

“Given our unparalleled chemistry, KEMIWATT stands out as a unique solution for tank storage companies to repurpose their tank infrastructures to store MWh of electricity as a liquid in a safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly way. It is an honor and a recognition for KEMIWATT to join FETSA Supplier Partnership. We look forward to bringing our contribution to the energy transition of the bulk liquid storage sector that is so critical to our economy in Europe ” says Jean Paul Crouzoulon, the President of KEMIWATT Board Strategic Committee.

“FETSA is delighted that KEMIWATT has joined the FETSA Supplier Partnership. KEMIWATT demonstrates the impact of the energy transition on our sector. The transition will change storage business models and flow battery construction, using ‘clean’ chemicals is a development welcomed by us and enhances the possibilities to store electricity on terminals.” says Ravi Bhatiani, FETSA’s Executive Director.